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HBI Contracting Services

Asbestos Management

HBI Contracting operates in the fields of asbestos management, removal and training, to U.K Standards. We work in all environments and operations, from removing asbestos cement sheets to removing asbestos under full enclosures, with all the safety equipment required for the safety of employees and other personnel.

Our asbestos management services are available to all industries within both private and public sectors of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The works will include the safe transportation and removal of asbestos to the authorised waste area.

Our training programme teaches local employees on how to remove asbestos in the correct manner by training them to international standards, as well as educating personnel about asbestos awareness and management.

Thermal Insulation and Cladding

Our specialised thermal insulation and cladding works covers a wide range of industries. In the oil and gas fields, we undertake, with specialist knowledge and experience, to insulate the the wide variety of equipment used in the industry, and make secure cladding that protects the insulation from damage and ensures that water does not get in the joints of the cladding. We also cover the insulation of ships, from the the engine room to the accommodation, for fire protection, sound proofing, and thermal insulation.

Our insulation expertise extends into factories, housing and other structures, with services that include AC ducting works, insulation of roofs and preventative insulation of high-risk areas for the protection of employees.

Refractory Works

Our refractory works are a highly specialised service that covers both maintenance works as well as full turn-key projects. Refractory works include the demolition and removal of the refractory cement, insulation and debris etc, to re-welding the anchors for proper security of the new refractory to the correct standard of the manufacturer's instructions; as well as crucial stage of the drying out of the refractory, allowing for the curing ofthe refractory cement. Primarily targeted towards the aluminium industries, our works range from daily repairs as required, to full shutdowns. We undertake to using the correct material for each and every individual job to the satisfaction of all of our clients.

General Contracting

HBI Contracting offer a wide range of services to residential, business and industrial sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. From turn-key construction works to repair and maintenance, our services include carpentry works, painting and decorating, building works, cleaning services as well as the daily maintenance of office and buildings.

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