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HBI Business Management Services

Financing facilities against either:

  • Deferred-Payment LCs or
  • At-Sight LCs.

NOTE: Those LCs that shall be offered either by private or by government banks.

Payment Terms:

  • For Deferred-Payment LCs there will be a 3, 6, or 12 months payback period.
  • For At-Sight LCs the payment shall be paid within maximum 7 days from the date of completion of Negotiating Documents by the bank.

Our Procedure HBI Business Management simply follows the following procedure:

  • 1. We will accept LCs in our favor as a collateral, (provided it meets our credit criteria).
  • 2. Then we open fresh LCs in favor of the suppliers (Sellers or Exporters), for the same value,
  • 3. Finally we receive the goods and will ship it to the buyers (importers) subsequently at a delivery point specified by the buyer.

Currently we are providing finance facilities and outsourcing services to clients from Europe, Middle East, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan where traders and importers are facing numerous hurdles in securing finances against their LCs opened by their respective local banks.

Scope & Terms of Our Services

  • HBI Business Management will accept LCs in AED, Euro and US Dollars
  • The minimum for LC amount per transaction shall be US$300K or equivalent in AED or Euro
  • The maximum LC value per transaction shall not exceed AED 45M or equivalent in American Dollar or Euro.
  • LCs should be transferable and partial shipments shall be allowed if necessary.
  • Insurance and inspection charges are always on buyer’s account.
  • LCs can be issued for either FOB or C&F shipment delivery.

What We Will Not Do LIMITATIONS: We do not strictly accept LCs for purchasing :

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes & Cigars
  • Brazilian Sugar
  • Any type of Weapons
  • Gambling Products

NOTE: For the Islamic market, commodities and products that are listed in UN, EU, and US sanctions are currently excluded from our services

Our Fees For Deferred-Payment LCs, depending on numerous factors including the type of LC issuing bank, our fee varies between 12% to 15%, (negotiable).

  • The aforementioned fee includes the bank’s service costs and our service price.
  • Normally, the fee is comparatively lower for LCs opened in a state bank.
  • For At-Sight LCs, our fee ranges between 3% to 5%. But the same procedure and quality of service will be applied as for Deferred-Payment LCs

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